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This blog is in no way affiliated with Junji Ito himself. This is not a scanlation blog. All translations are credited to those whose websites they are hosted on. This is only an index to compile links from various translators.

Want to know what translations I have found? Which translations I haven’t? This is the page to look.

*** Any manga that has been licensed in English will no longer be linked to through this website. Please consider supporting the mangaka, the publishers, and the industry by purchasing physical copies of these stories! ***

 Translated and published in English.
Museum of Terror 1
Museum of Terror 2
Museum of Terror 3

 These volumes have been completely translated.

Black Paradox 
Hellstar Remina
Ito Junji’s Cat Diary
✗ Kaiki Kanzume
Kyoufu Collection vol. 3: Flesh Coloured   Horror
Kyoufu Collection vol. 4: The Face Burglar
Kyoufu Collection vol. 5: Souichi’s Diary of Delights 
Kyoufu Collection vol. 6: Souichi’s Diary of Curses  
Kyoufu Collection vol. 7: Slug Girl
Kyoufu Collection vol. 8: Blood-bubble Bushes
Kyoufu Collection vol. 10: House of the Marionettes
Kyoufu Collection vol. 12: The Bully 
Kyoufu Collection vol. 13: The Circus is Here
Kyoufu Collection vol. 14: The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel
Kyoufu Collection vol. 15: Lovesick Dead
Kyoufu Collection vol. 16: Frankenstein
Mimi’s Ghost Stories (Mimi no Kaidan)
Museum of Terror 3
New Voices in the Dark (Splatter Film)
Tomie (Kyoufu Collection vol. 1-2)
Voices in the Dark

[Stand alone chapters]
The Human Chair

One of more chapters has not yet been translated.

✗ Dissolving Series
Kai, Sasu (illustrated, not written)
Kyoufu Collection vol. 9: Hallucinations 
Kyoufu Collection vol. 11: The Town Without Streets
 Shard of Evil

It is not available through this blog to read. It may be that I have not found it, or it may not be translated. If you see a title listed under here and know where to find it online, PLEASE submit it!

✗ Junshoku Madara Nikki
✗ Ooi ni Chousensuru - Shakaika Daikengaku
✗ Tensaitachi no Kyouen (contributor)
✗ Yuukoku No Rasputin (illustrated, not written)