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The goal of this site is to make it as easy as possible for readers to find Junji Ito’s English-translated works. ALL of them. No more scouring the internet!

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This blog is in no way affiliated with Junji Ito himself. This is not a scanlation blog. All translations are credited to those whose websites they are hosted on. This is only an index to compile links from various translators.

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 These volumes have been completely translated.

Black Paradox 
Hellstar Remina
Ito Junji’s Cat Diary
Kyoufu Collection vol. 3: Flesh Coloured   Horror
Kyoufu Collection vol. 4: The Face Burglar
Kyoufu Collection vol. 5: Souichi’s Diary of Delights 
Kyoufu Collection vol. 6: Souichi’s Diary of Curses  
Kyoufu Collection vol. 7: Slug Girl
Kyoufu Collection vol. 8: Blood-bubble Bushes
Kyoufu Collection vol. 10: House of the Marionettes
Kyoufu Collection vol. 12: The Bully 
Kyoufu Collection vol. 13: The Circus is Here
Kyoufu Collection vol. 14: The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel
Kyoufu Collection vol. 15: Lovesick Dead
Kyoufu Collection vol. 16: Frankenstein
Mimi’s Ghost Stories (Mimi no Kaidan)
Museum of Terror 3
New Voices in the Dark (Splatter Film)
Tomie (Kyoufu Collection vol. 1-2)
Voices in the Dark

[Stand alone chapters]
The Human Chair
✗ Dissolving Classroom (Youkai Kyoushitsu)
✗ The Summer Time Graduation Trip

Translated and published in English.

Museum of Terror 1
Museum of Terror 2
Museum of Terror 3

One of more chapters has not yet been translated.

Kyoufu Collection vol. 9: Hallucinations 
Kyoufu Collection vol. 11: The Town Without Streets
 Shard of Evil

It is not available through this blog to read. It may be that I have not found it, or it may not be translated. If you see a title listed under here and know where to find it online, PLEASE submit it!

Yuukoku No Rasputin (illustrated by Junji, not written)